Friday, 27 March 2015

Come and see me!

I have been selected for this years Portsmouth Spice Island Art Trail, part of the Portsmouth Festivities Cultural Events! Yay! Not sure of the venue yet, (still to be confirmed) but you should be able to see my artwork and have a chat with me on the 21st June. Please come back and check for further information.

Drink and draw has been very busy! Now a regular feature on Tuesday evenings at The Golden Eagle on the corner of Delawere Road, Southsea, these sessions are proving popular and great fun. One or two of us went to see the Film 'Mr. Turner' at the  Portsmouth Film Society which was absolutely brilliant. Timothy Spall played a totally convincing Turner with humour, tragedy and a great sense of passion and dedication to painting.

Inspired by the film, and Colin Merrins sketch book work (see previous blog post for details) I have also been trying to carry my small sketch book around with me, so that I can draw where ever I can, along with my graphite stick. (I tried to do a drawing a such luck!!)

A few quickie sketches done in my little book... I have given one or two of them away!

The band I'm in (Earspoon) continues to practice and progress well - we have got some practice space in one of the cafeterias at the University which is great, where we can spread out a bit and not worry about the neighbours!!  We hope to play in one or two local festivals over the summer - so again, please come back to this blog for further information if you want to come and see us or download our music (once we've recorded one or two songs).

In the meantime, have lots of work to do - such as lectures to plan and a written paper to complete for a conference in London in April! 

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