Saturday, 28 February 2015

It's been a bit mad - so I haven't updated for a while....

Work at the University has been very busy this academic year. With my usual lectures for Media Studies, I had the opportunity along with fellow artist Chris Wood to teach some life drawing to Computer Games and Games Enterprise students in their first undergraduate year. They were a great bunch and really got to grips with image making! I also got to grips with my drumming as well - I see the act of drumming as very similar to the act of hitting the canvas with a paint brush. I use the Cajon and the Djembe - and even had one or two proper drumming lessons from Kevin at the wonderful  Garden Music School. So hopefully it might inspire some more artwork for me too.

I always ask to have a go on the drums at any live gig I can get to... here's a chance at
The Golden Eagle pub where I do my Drink and Draw evenings!

Drink and Draw.

I am happy to say that Drink and Draw on Tuesday evenings is going well. After a short break for the holiday season we are back drawing in front of a log fire with a pint or two. We have a great group who display some strong talent and a joy for creating things! Many thanks to Lou and Cliff, the Landlords at the pub, who provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and lots of objects to draw!!


Have started to do a lot more sketching as well, when I have the chance - (the lovely) Ed - my partner  - must be sick to death of me drawing him all the time! I have been inspired by meeting with artist Colin Merrin who does fantastic landscapes. He does at least one drawing a day - so that's what I am going to try and do. So here's some more recent attempts...

The lovely Ed putting up with my staring at him all the time!

Wood Engraving

As my Christmas present to myself, I booked up to go on a one day wood engraving course in January with David Peduzzi - which was an amazing experience! The technique is fascinating, and you get a great sense of satisfaction when you see your work printed at the end of the session! Highly recommend it!! Here are my feeble first attempts!! 

Drumming and sausage rolls..

So - at the moment I am drumming with (the lovely) Ed who plays guitar and fiddle (amongst other things!) in a new band called 'Earspoon', along with Meg ( on bass), Jay (guitar and vocals) and Phil (ukelele). I have found that being in a band does mean that I make sausage rolls for band practice!!! Look out for us at Open Mic nights in and around Portsmouth ...

Sausage, sage and onion... and a veggie one!!

Sky Arts and the BBC

It's rather amusing to know that I have been repeated yet again on Sky telly for the Portrait Artist of the year  2013 - I did watch some of the 2014 sessions, and am highly amused with the BBC 'British Bake Off /Sky Portrait arts format for their Amateur Artist of the year show. I love Una Stubbs who is one of the presenters, she always comes across as very sincere... but I am intrigued by all this interest in the arts, when arts and culture is being all but eradicated from the UK education curriculum.

Finally in this update...

 I have currently just set up my page on the Saatchi web site with some of my drawings available for purchase, and I am considering new projects for the spring and summer... watch this space!! 

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