Saturday, 17 October 2015

Created in Portsmouth Art Trail

Haven't been contributing to this blog for a  little while. Had to think over the loss of my brother, and my partners dad over the summer, and had to get back to some teaching - and also doing all sorts of other creative things (like going to a drumming workshop with Carl Palmer from the '70s prog rock band Emerson Lake and Palmer!) Our POISE events have really taken off - with some great poetry, music, installation and traditional arts, and has been ongoing every month.

Our facebook page is here:

Here's our big group painting for the POISE event BLANK CANVAS

But - I am writing this today because the Created in Portsmouth Art Trail is on and landscape painter Colin Merrin has kindly given me a corner of his studio to show some of my work. So please do come along to the Waverley Road Studios in Southsea over this weekend (17th 18th October 2015) Work is for sale - so do come and pick up something original for the coming holiday season if you are in the area.

I will be returning to writing this blog more frequently now - so watch this space!!

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