Sunday, 3 May 2015

Building up a sketch book,,

Have been drawing the musicians at the The Golden Eagle pub - they always have a lively set of bands most weekends - and with the current bank holiday in the UK, this weekend is packed with them!!... 

The band is called The Power of 3 and you can visit their web site here

I do these studies fairly quickly in a small sketch book with either a graphite stick or soft pencil as the musicians are playing - so there's lots of movement. I like to try and get the look that a musician projects when they are 'in the zone' and really getting into their music. 
These drawings are all being completed in one small sketch book. It's quite satisfying seeing the work build up - I did try to do 'a drawing a day'(as mentioned in an earlier post) - but as soon as I put myself under that sort of pressure, then I don't do it! The trick is to have a small sketch book and pencils in your bag - and take them around with you everywhere.. just on case!

Here's another quicky sketch of (the lovely) Ed.

Am also thinking about entering another drawing competition...... watch this space... In the meantime, the sketch books will probably be on display at the Spice Island Art Ttrail in Portsmouth on the 21st of June.

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