Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Preparing the work for the Ward

Have had great news - the ward at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital has been re-decorated - so my work can now be put up. Hopefully I will pop in to see the Ward Manager and organise hanging. I was thinking of perhaps exhibiting the work before it goes on the ward - but that may not be possible now - unless anyone reading this has any ideas!! Hopefully I will be able to organise some crowd-source funding to get a book published about the project that can be sold in order to raise funds for creative activities for patients on the ward.

So I need to make sure the works are signed, dated and tidied up - checking the edges are clean and the final finishing touches completed. I just have to write the text onto the tree branches in the composition, and write up the rationale and artist statement about the work.

Here I am in the picture above checking the work - you can get an idea of how big the canvases are.. (or how short I am!) It will be great to finally see this project come to completion! Then I can start on another!! 

 In the meantime, I am also giving a couple of drawing workshops at All About Tea
in Southsea Portsmouth - 

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