Monday, 7 April 2014

The final painting in the series.

The final painting in the series for the Gosport War Memorial Hospital is now completed. It is a still life of the apples from the tree. It was difficult not to eat the apples I set up for observation!.

So I loosely used this composition on which to base my final painting. Here are pictures of the painting process for this still life.
I like to do underpainting with texture to get the form of the fruit - and the basic colour allows for overpainting on the texture and makes the additional colours more luminescent. Then I start to add observation detail.

As you can see this work is far more observational that the others in the rest of the full sequence. I have purposely divided the  composition up into halves and quarters; and I have also deliberately curved any lines. I have also stopped projected shadows short of moving into another quarter of the composition. Also the composition tends to mirror different projections from viewpoints with different planal values as if in a mirror. This is to help patients engage with sections of the work and not necessarily the whole composition. It is hoped that there will be some interaction with both hemispheres of the brain in that when patients look at this composition - they will actually be doing a form of cognitive and perceptual exercise. This is the rational behind this work.

Whilst working with the terminally ill in a Hospice - I noticed that patients with brain tumours would only register their own drawings on certain sections of the page. They were convinced when drawing their own still life composition, that they had drawn the entire still life across the whole page, when in fact whole sections of the work was actually missing. This is why I have divided up my final composition in this reflective and deliberate way.

Hopefully I will find somewhere to show the work in its entirety before it goes into the hospital - as the ward is secured and the work will be for patients and staff only.If anyone reading this blog could offer a space for a short exhibition - then please do get in touch!


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